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At Baume Restaurant, we strive to give you a unique and memorable dining experience. The aftertaste we’re after is a prolonged sense of well-being.
Character, thoughtfulness, playfulness, health, innovation and exceptional taste give our work its foundation. Dining-room atmosphere, sounds, sense of space, time and design, are all devised to serve those concepts.
Our plates tell the story of traditional French dishes in a new, evocative, distinct way. Beyond the mastery of classic techniques and the profound knowledge of long-acclaimed French cuisine, we choose to think about collective memories, colors, moods, accents, culinary design and happiness.
Dining at Baume is about being invited on a journey of the senses, and taking time to leisurely taste extraordinary dishes. Our culinary design is evocative, not provocative. The tasting menu is presented in a simple, elegant fashion.
A few of our kitchen secrets:
Our ingredients:
Bruno Chemel was raised in a land where food was necessarily local, organic, and in season. He still abides by it. He is ceaselessly on the lookout for the best products available. Searching for peak taste and quality leads him to favor meat and seafood that was raised and harvested in the most respectful way.
Elements on the plate:
We make everything ourselves: pickles, accents, sauces, spices. Because we value uniqueness, we pay loving attention to details, we care about the taste harmony.
Constant innovation:  
Every day is an opportunity to improve what we do.
Every day we push our concepts further, we create something new, we add or subtract, we redefine, we refine, or we tweak the decor.
We learn, we teach, we share, we listen.
We never miss an opportunity to grow.